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Create a Custom Chart

Flexibility to choose both time frame and causes of death in broad categories, specific causes, or both

These charts present the risk of death for the causes in the time frame you select. To generate a chart, choose the sex, race, age range, time frame and how you want the results to display. Lastly, choose the causes of death and how you would like the results to be sorted.

Step 1: Patient Characteristics

Age Range
Over a Time Frame of...

Step 2: Causes of Death

Broad Cause of Death Categories and Specific Causes

Broad Categories may include causes of death not listed in the specific causes

  • / all specific causes
  • Vascular Disease
    • High blood pressure deaths are probably under-counted: high blood pressure is often reported as a contributing factor - rather than as the underlying cause of death - because the rules preferentially choose related conditions such as stroke or hearth attack as the underlying cause when they appear together with high blood pressure.
  • / all specific causes
  • Cancer
  • / all specific causes
  • Lung Disease
  • / all specific causes
  • Infection
    • Flu deaths are probably over-counted since many pneumonia deaths, completely unrelated to the flu, are nevertheless attributed to it.  Because the conditions are difficult to disentangle, we present a combined flu/pneumonia category.
  • / all specific causes
  • Accidents and Injury
  • / all specific causes
  • Blood Diseases
  • / all specific causes
  • Urinary Tract Disease
  • / all specific causes
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Diabetes deaths are probably under-counted:  diabetes is often reported as a contributing factor - rather than as the underlying cause of death - because of uncertainty in the chain of events leading to death.
  • / all specific causes
  • Pregnancy and Birth Defects
  • / all specific causes
  • Neurological Disease

Step 3: Display Options

Display As...
  • Percents
  • x out of ...